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JUNE 2022


Hi Friends and Neighbors,

My name is Nataliya. I was born and spent most of my life in Ukraine. I am proud to be an American citizen now as we emigrated to the USA in 2003.

As my world is falling apart following the heartbreaking news from my homeland, I have found refuge in being active and helping my people, who are going through the unimaginable every day of this nonsense war. They DO NOT deserve this, they DID NOT do anything wrong or provoke Russia, which is so determined to wipe out our history, language, and culture.

February 24th, the day of the attack, brought shock, tears, pain, and disbelief. WHY? How is it even possible to witness such cruelty and betrayal in the middle of Europe in the 21st century? The pain of helplessly watching this human tragedy unfolding in front of our eyes was so intense that my family and I started to look for options to help and channel our worries into action. In a couple of days, we created a website with a few options to donate money to some vetted non-for-profit organizations for people who wanted to help and support Ukrainians in their fight for democracy. was launched and is registering visitors from all over the world.

We didn't stop! Our next fundraising project was to make Ukrainian lapel pins and sell them locally through churches, synagogues, small businesses, and weekend rallies. Not only did the project raise over $38K, but we also covered our corner of Connecticut in blue and yellow. We are so grateful to our community for such incredible support, as so many people came together at a moment's notice to help in so many different ways.

To date, we have donated the following amounts:

$14,225 – Ukrainian Red Cross
$11,528 – National Bank of Ukraine for military support
– World Central Kitchen
  $3,000 – Global Empowerment Mission

  $5,000 –  Directly to soldiers on the battlefields

Together we are making a difference! Small donations can multiply to buy an ambulance for the Ukrainian people or save a life. My community has made me so proud already!

BUT WE ARE NOT DONE! It is amazing to see how this brave nation is getting up from its knees and starting to heal, plant flowers again, and putting in every effort possible to make their kids see colorful dreams again. We are still looking to every possibility to raise money and support Ukrainians efforts to go back to normal life and finally kick the vicious enemy out

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank every one of you who is helping to raise these necessary funds, which help the Ukrainian people stay strong and protect their motherland and their freedom.

Slava Ukraini!