Help Raise Money and much needed supplies for Ukrainian Soldiers
and Civilians 


Amount of Ukrainians Killed by Russians

over 7 million

Ukrainians forced to flee their country


Population of Ukraine


Country for US to Protect



We encourage you to help the people of Ukraine. The need for supplies, food, ammunition and medical necessities continues to increase as this tragedy continues to unfold.

Below I have listed organizations that I believe are true "boots on the ground."
I encourage you to donate. Whatever the amount (whether it's $3 or $30) will make a difference!

Ukraine Humanitarian Donations
Through the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Direct monetary donations through Ukraine Metropolitan of Kyiv Epiphany

Ukraine Military Aid
NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) Special Account for Military Needs
Money will be directed to enhance Ukraine’s defense capability: weapons, equipment, food, medicines, and other supplies required by defenders of Ukraine.

Amazon Shopping List
Basic Medical Supplies
Created by US veteran-owned non-profit Flanders Fields organization and supplies would be delivered directly to Kyiv 

Ukrainian Red Cross
All funds will be used to help those in need, affected by armed conflict, blood collection, mobilization of volunteers and resources, and emergency activities.

Heading 4


The rivalry between Ukraine and Russia has been going on since 1991 - when Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union. Since then Russia (under the leadership of Vladimir Putin) has been trying to take back Ukraine to reassemble the Soviet Union. The armed conflict actually began in February 2014 and has already killed more than 14,000 Ukrainians in the process.

Now Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in the early hours of February 24. From a very practical viewpoint, it simply does not make sense. He had everything. A huge country that was worshiping him, a name in the international arena, and the status as a leader of great world power.

And... he blew it all by invading the independent country of Ukraine.

Overnight, Russia became a pariah state and all his ambitions were crushed by the fierce resistance of the Ukrainians and the entire world witnessing the cruelty of the Russian army. Many war rules are being broken, innocent lives taken, and massive destruction occurs in many residential areas. Russian missiles have already hit daycares, community centers, residential neighborhoods and hospitals, Medical emergency vehicles have been bombed or attacked.


The world could not just watch. You can see the opposition to Putin's renegade invasion on the news every day.

One by one, as nations and individuals, the entire free world is responding and taking a strong position in this human
tragedy. There are protests in Russia itself – but people are scared to step up and express themselves


Even as the world unites – offering aid and assistance to Ukraine is the hallmark. Though oceans apart, as individuals we can help accomplish this. At this point in time, humanitarian and military aid are what the people of Ukraine need.

I am an American citizen, originally from Ukraine. I have relatives, friends, and family that are in the middle of this conflict and the devastation that is occurring. Being a world-away from this war I have a heartfelt obligation "to do something." This is why I built this webpage. People ask me every day, "How can we help?" I have listed organizations that I believe are true "boots on the ground." I encourage you to donate. Whatever the amount (whether it's $3 or $30), it will make a difference.